Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dessert Wraps

Have you ever had just 2 or 3 tortillas left over after a meal?  I sometimes do, and they would sit in my pantry or fridge until they were moldy.  I just kept thinking I would use them for something!  Well...this is that something!  A great way to use them up before the mold starts!  Ha! In fact, these are so good, we've been known to buy tortillas just so we can make these.  An extra bonus is that the kids can make them anytime they are have a craving for sweets.

These are crazy simple!  You just start with any size tortilla (I think I used a soft taco size).  Just spread creamy peanut butter over the whole tortilla.  Then sprinkle mini marshmallows and chocolate chips (we prefer milk chocolate) over half of the tortilla.

Next, you just roll it up like a burrito, starting at the marshmallow side.

A dessert burrito...yum!!!

Now, just wrap it in foil and cook in a pan on med-low heat for around 5 minutes. Then roll them over and cook a few more minutes.  If you open them up and the chocolate isn't melted yet, just wrap them back up and cook a little longer.

Then, enjoy all of that melted goodness!

We've also tried these with Nutella and butterscotch chips, which is very good, but just these three ingredients are so kind of don't need to mess with it much!  These are also easy to do on the grill, or at a campfire, you could just set them in the hot ashes.  They are actually a little too easy :-)